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September 23rd, 2023: Michael Chandler

Everyday Improvisation: Student Creativity as a Daily Habit

9:00am - 1:00pm
Walnut Grove Elementary School

Individual Workshop Cost:

Member: $40

Non-Member: $50

*Please see Registration page for additional information*

Chandler Headshot 2022.jpg
Workshop Description

Teachers often conceive of improvisation, arranging, or composition as culminating steps of a learning experience that was developed solely to showcase the student creativity through performance. While this is an excellent way to demonstrate student-centered skills, another approach involves eliciting smaller creative responses everyday throughout daily learning experiences for which the final product may not feature the improvisation. Sometimes the magic of “everyday improvisation” exists only in the classroom and may, or may not, make its way to the stage, but it is still equally important toward students’ development. Participants in this workshop will experience learning activities that include such choices and opportunities to elicit everyday student choice and creativity through movement, body percussion, untuned percussion, recorder, and mallet instruments.

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